About Us

Meet the Darkdaze gang, a rock band from Warrington with attitude!

Nick Mac on Bass Guitar

Nick Mac was always a noisy child and forever told to be less LOUD, stop tapping, stop twanging things, to get a haircut and to focus on academic studies and to get a real job.

Nick has always been mad about the bass, but found himself singing for several garage / cover bands in his teens, playing bass, drums and guitars in others whenever the opportunity arose.

Married, father of two grown up kids; Nick enjoyed earning his degree in Commercial Music Production and Business IT; working with Frog Studios and several great young bands across the North West of England.
He then endured a painfully challenging career with HM Civil Service, but still took every opportunity to make as much noise as possible before giving up his career, buying more guitars, basses, amps and gadgets in 2012 and hiding in his den.

Having worked on studio mixing desks and live sound engineering; together with years of tinkering with effects and tone knobs for guitarists; Nick likes to be involved in every aspect of the sound.

The shy, quiet and shortest member of DarkDaze joined in April 2015 and is loving the adventure.

Nick uses Rotosound strings on his Ibanez and Jackson basses, through Ampeg amps.

PJ Plays Lead Guitar

Started playing guitar centuries ago as a child in his mother’s front room with two friends (a drummer and another guitar player), but they only knew two songs (“I Shot the Sherriff” by Eric Clapton and “All Along the Watchtower” by Jimi Hendrix). This meant they made each song last at least 30 minutes by playing horribly out of tune guitar solos.

After a few years the solos became slightly more tuneful and with his original music band, Axis Sally, he ended up in the final of the Metal Mountain National Battle of the Bands at Bradford St Georges Hall – losing to a band called Boethius Saul (nope never heard of them either).

Stints then followed in heavy metal covers (mainly) bands Crazee Bone and Rage of Angels with gigs throughout the North West of England and the Midlands.

PJ became slightly peed off with the trials and tribulations of being in bands so he then went into retirement for a while where he sat in quiet contemplation of one day becoming a rock star whilst strumming his axes at home.

His musical odyssey was resumed by joining original music band Stircrazy from North Manchester, but worldwide fame and fortune continued to elude him.

This was followed by (yes you have guessed it) one of those periods of contemplation only this time he didn’t pick up his guitar for a few years.

Eventually he became bored and put an advert on a musicians website (ironically to join a prog rock band NOT a metal band), which led a phone call from the enigmatic and mysterious Diz and a cloak and dagger meeting at night in a place far far from home (Warrington) outside an ASDA store to follow them to a house he had never been to before for a meet and greet (and an informal practice session). Yes he was ignoring all the parental advice of being careful with strangers!

He has not looked back since and is now firmly embedded in the mighty metal edifice that is Darkdaze.

PJ uses Jackson, Ibanez and Gibson guitars, a Rodriguez classical guitar, Marshall amplification and an assortment of pedals (EVH, Boss etc)

The object in life is NOT to arrive at your graveside in perfect condition but to scream in sideways totally wasted and saying “Holy Shit What A Ride That Was”

Diz Lead Singer and Lead Guitar

Diz never started out as a musician, in fact at the tender age of sixteen he applied for and got accepted into the Army, foot-soldier, this was never to happen.

Nov 5th 1984 when sat round the annual bonfire, a friend came by carrying a guitar and such was this friends influence, Diz then spent the next four years working on the guitar, fine-tuning all the skills to be the guitarist he is today. Diz has been in many bands over the year; MCM, F/X, Prophecy, The Accused, but it was with a band called Truant that Diz started to develop his song writing. With appearances with; Cheap and Nasty, Dare, Truant, Diz toured UK and Europe until the band split in 1990. Diz studied and achieved a Certificate Of Education, which lead him into teaching mainstream and private tuition on several instruments such as the guitar, piano, bass and vocal coaching. Diz then spent 3 years in a very popular local Northwest of England band called Grenade, a heavy rock covers band before forming DARKDAZE, an all-original heavy metal Gothic edged bluesy rock band, as the main songwriter, lead vocal, guitarist.